AntiRoll Superyacht Stabilizers


AntiRoll is a pure Dutch company developing an innovative patent-pending superyachts roll stabilizer. Technical development is being carried out in close cooperation with the leading institutes in The Netherlands. DMS Holland is the exclusive world-wide representative. 

Importance of roll stabilizers

A roll stabilization system reduces undesired rolling motion of a yacht. It prevents seasickness and dramatically increases comfort by providing the stable platform for various activities on board, such as walking, standing, in-water transfers, diner, shower, jacuzzi, cooking, etc. Additionally it gives the vessel a more straight course, making a journey more efficient with respect to fuel and time. It also increases the safety of the vessel in case it is caught by severe weather.

Stabilizer systems have been around for over a century. The invention of zero speed stabilisation in 1998 has spurred many beautiful technical innovations. Most were aimed at improving zero speed performance, but unfortunately come at a cost while cruising. AntiRoll has combined all benefits and more, without the cost.

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